We Bring the Beauty Salon and Barber Shop Right to Your Door

Mobile hair company  that specializes in the elderly and people with disabilities or mobility  limitations, as well as families in need of a licensed stylist to come  to them. 

Fully licensed, insured and background screened 

About Us

Hospitals/Nursing Homes


 Specializing  in the elderly and people with disabilities/mobility limitations. Our  portable equipment can be set up in minutes at any facility or center,  residential home --even at one's bedside-- and is adaptable to fit any  situation whether you're homebound, bed ridden, or have other mobility  issues. 

Residential homes


 All  of our hair stylists are licensed, insured, and background screened to  go into facilities or centers, residential homes or hospitals bringing  the salon to you 



 We deliver full service quality haircuts and styling at an AFFORDABLE price  to your doorstep. We have the ability to bring water to our clients  allowing us to wash their hair in the comfort of their room or area  assuring our goal to make the client as comfortable as possible.